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Monday, December 13, 2010

vancouver laneway tour

what a huge success! Thankyou to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation for a well organized huge success. The 6 Laneway houses on tour offerred a fantastic first hand look for people who like the idea or are actually thinking of building a laneway house. I was at the lovely yellow mini house on 23rd , a traditional cottage style exterior with highend interior built by It was number four on the tour for people working East to West and seemed to be the tour favorite until they hit the other Smallworks offerring- the fantastic contempory number on E.37th. The press and younger folk seemed to love that one. I have been so impressed by the standards and philosophy of Smallworks that I have recently joined the company in some fashion or another. I intend to blog about ( or is it "blag" about it.... my new word for bragging while you blog...)this little company as I see it becoming a force to be reckoned with in urban developement. As well I must have answered 50,000 questions on tour this past weekend so perhaps i can answer questions of those of you who are interested in a laneway house but didnt catch the tour. As a licensed real estate agent as well, many people asked how this will affect property values so this is something i want to explore as well.
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