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Friday, January 28, 2011


 You have all heard the saying at your local burger joint " would you like fries with that?" Well get ready to use that idea in your real estate career. Now you can get a new home for $150,000! on any existing RS1 or RS5 property in City of Vancouver, and soon in North Van City. These beautiful state of the art mini homes are back yard cottages that can be built in a few months on your back lane.( for info) So the next time you show a buyer a nice place for sale ask if they want a laneway house with that.
 RBC and Vancity currently have programs in place to pay for the cost of building your laneway -so a little extra mortgage upfront and you can get a great rental, or home for aging parent or footloose teenager. Smallworks has 3 plans from contemporary, midcentury modern to traditional exterior. The interior can be a studio, 1 bedroom or a flex between the two.Heated floors, fire sprinkler, full kitchen and bathroom are all included and for $150k that covers HST too.
Big houses are so yesterday.

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