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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

West Vancouver Development/real estate  This is a quick video of West Vancouvers past 100 years. What we need to decide now is which direction we will go for the next 100.

Do we want high rise towers to increase the tax base and supply smaller scale housing? Or perhaps we want to keep developing up the mountain until the wilderness is gone? Personally I would rather go to sensitive density increase. We can build smaller homes, we can build even smaller laneway cottages in our backyards. Not every yard , but some.

 I am very excited to see a local developer proposing a small scale development at Esquimalt and 20th. At first glance the homes look like cottages that once graced the north shore. This will be coming to Council on April 4th.

 These type of small scale developments have little impact on our traffic. They encourage our residents to stay in the area when the time comes to downsize, and they allow for small families to move into a beautiful new home for the price of a  tear down. Not everyone is a good handyman, and some will take a smaller space fully finished rather than a bigger home that needs work.

The bottom line is that the status quo is not working. Yes we live in a wonderful, quaint , quiet seaside village but we have our head in the sand. We are currently pumping sewage into the bay right out front of us, our antiquated system has been in need of an upgrade for a long time. We need funds to deal with this and unless we are prepared to pay thousands of dollars  more in tax on our property then we need to address this density issue. We can go up, out or think little for a change!  We certainly dont want to go the way of the Omaha Mayor who has just proposed a toilet paper tax!!!
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