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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boomers and Boomerangs

Technically they say all of us born the generation before 1964 are boomers. I used to wonder if we are so easily catargorized , what will my kids generation be? We have heard Gen x and  GenY but I think the most aptly put would be" Boomerangs". As the desireable places to live become unaffordable, our kids have a choice- Live somewhere no one else wants to, and you can afford, or move back in with mom and dad. Boomerangs will be the next trend. Kids that wander for a short while and then come back to camp out at mom and dads - where its safe, comfortable, familiar and affordable.
So we need to prepare. The asian families have long searched for large homes where multigenerational families can stay and call home. But our kids are coming and going. It is enviromentally, and financially not a good idea to build, manage, upkeep and heat!  a massive home that may end up very empty for some years.
Hence back to sensitive density, flexible homes, laneway houses.
Take that square footage and divide it into a home for mom and dad, a suite that can be a rental ( sometimes) or for a teen starting out and a laneway house for a returning older child or elder parent needing some attention. Why is it so easy to build a 6000 sq ft home in West Van but heaven forbid we had a 2000 sq ft home and applied for a small 1000 sq ft lanehouse.
Why is this so difficult ?
I am so happy to hear that  West Vancouver Council has approved - for public consultation- a great proposal by Michael Geller to take 3 lots -smack in the middle of all kinds of amenities in West Van- and create 3 duplexes with 3 laneway cottages. It is a beautiful quaint design that resembles the cottages of old here along the West Van coast. I really hope this community can see the benefit of this and come and support it. For more information contact me Kim@ We dont need more high rise towers, we do need density and this is exactly the way West Vancouver can do it, in its own unique style. Kudos to Mr. Geller!