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Monday, September 19, 2011

canadian culture

I was fortunate to participate in the Global Buyers Mission a couple weeks ago. Groups from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and many others came to see what forestry/wood building products we are making/creating.
I was hosting the tour at a lovely laneway house which garnered plenty of interest. They were amazed we dared to build with so much wood in a landscape of forest and bugs!

The wonderful people Imet from Korea and Taiwan came bearing gifts and It reminded me  that in their culture that is very typical. I lived in Manila for 7 years and started to recognize different cultural traits when I was there.

But what about Canadians? Whats our " culture"?

 I have heard some people say its the culture of " sorry"

as in... "sorry"  you go first when merging,
" sorry" i took your spot in line
 and maybe soon to be ...
"sorry" i overcharged you on the price of my home....

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